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VISA- E-visa

Visa for entry to Madagascar


for more information about procedures to obtain a Visa online for Madagascar, please click on the link of evisa website 


Any foreigner traveling to Madagascar must have a valid travel document (passport valid for more than six months and have a free page for affixing the tourist visa issued on the area), and must  have a return ticket. This document must include his entry visa.

There are two types of visa.

Nonimmigrant visa

These entry and residence visas with atmost one or three entries  devoted for tourists are issued by diplomatic or consular missions of Madagascar in foreign countries. For visas issued on the spot either at the airport or at the landing port (PAF) with  payment of the corresponding fees always remains one (01) entry.

Non-immigrant  visas for less than three months can be extended from the police commissariat for a total combined duration not exceeding three months. They are not convertible into long stay visa. The possession of the above mentioned  visas does not grant the right to non-immigrant   to do gainful  employment in the foreign country or to do whichever  gainful activity.

Click on the link below to find out more about the  rights for Visa in Madagascar: Visa Madagascar.pdf


Immigrant visa

These are one-month entry and residence visas, transformable and extendable, which are issued to potential immigrants, either by Malagasy diplomatic or consular missions, or specifically by correspondence within theMinistry of Foreign Affairs. This type of visa cannot be issued at the airport or at the landing port. The residence visa is transformable and extendable. It can be extended from the Police Commissariat upon providing of the deposit receipt within the Ministry of the Interior. The residence visa should be mentioned in the passport or in the foreign identity card (CIE) or in the certificates of deposit issued by the Ministry of the Interior for in process documents, so  this certificate will apply to temporary residence permit.