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Ivato airport


Social and environmental liabilty

Our environmental commitment

The development of an airport cannot be imagined without taking into account and respecting the quality of life of local people and  natural environment.

Ravinala Airports takes commitment to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment by implementing an environmental management approach, for continuous improvement.
Our environmental commitments

Respect of the host area :

  • Construction of new waste water treatment plants for Ivato and Nosy Be Airport.
  • Installation of hydrocarbon separators to prevent the arrival of possible pollution in the natural environment.
  • Upgrading of the existing incinerators for better waste disposal and improved discharge quality.
  • Periodic monitoring of air quality, noise level, soil and water pollution in and around both Airports.


Conservation of biodiversity:

In order to preserve the unique nature of our island, Ravinala Airports is currently implementing a Biodiversity Conservation Program at Nosy Be with the following content:
• Mangrove restoration near Fascène Airport (ongoing).
• restoration of degraded forest (ongoing).
• Sustainable management of natural resources through basic local Community  (ongoing).

  • Ecological monitoring of an indicator species to assess the environmental quality and identify the impacts of the operation on it.


STEP in Nosy Be
STEP in Nosy Be
STEP in Nosy Be
STEP in Nosy Be

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